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Common Language

Our technology measured and identified  the level of understanding based on common language. This data was used to drive meaningful dialogue that built common understanding across the concepts and connections.

Targeted Development

Instructional leaders used the data to create very targeted professional development that focused specifically on the current areas of misalignment rather than broad aspects of the entire strategy.

Meaningful Transparency

Instructional leaders had their teachers monitor their own alignment and understanding of critical common language throughout training and implementation to ensure their interventions were

efficient and effective. 

The development of a simple but meaningful mental model of the school's teaching strategy. They were able to use this model to consistently assess and anchor everyone's understanding. 

Explicit & Efficient Structure






The organizations that believe in us


A closer look at the why, how, and what with a partnered school

By creating a mental model of the school’s close reading strategy with leadership, they could measure and monitor teacher understanding across the model to ensure teachers had the relevant support needed to implement.

Augment professional learning by focusing on teacher misalignment on the understanding of critical connections within school strategy.  




After reviewing their SBA data, a high school principal believed students ability to apply the close reading strategy was limited by their teacher’s varied understanding of the instructional practice.


We help school leaders rapidly align teacher understanding on their strategy and for success.

Build a mental model that can align everyone

Measure alignment and create targeted training


implement, and idenitfy support

School leaders choose strategies to address student needs and increase performance.

Unfortunately, the school-wide training almost never fosters enough common understanding to succeed.

The biggest barrier is the lack of time to identify and address critical misalignments.

How can we expect any strategy to work if its not fully understood?

Imagine the impact on student learning if your entire school had a common understanding for success.