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Unfortunately there is no efficient and effective way to take a pulse on how everyone has connected the dots.

Common Language

Our technology measures and identifies the level of understanding based on common language. This data is used to identify critical stakeholders that need attention to ensure greater success.

Critical Stakeholders

Management and functional leaders focus specifically on the current areas of misalignment rather than broad aspects of the entire strategy.

Meaningful Transparency

Management has the ability to monitor stakeholder alignment and understanding throughout planning and implementation to ensure leadership interventions are efficient and effective.

The development of a simple but meaningful mental model of leader’s strategy. This model empowers them to consistently assess and anchor everyone’s understanding.

Explicit & Efficient Structure






The organizations that believe in us


A closer look at the why, how, and what for a partnered district

Create a mental model for initiative strategy.  Use our technology to measure and monitor relevant stakeholder understanding of the strategy throughout the planning and execution process.

Augment management ability to provide meaningful feedback that can help their functional leaders successfully execute their strategy.




Management Executives recognized that internal stakeholders had business priorities and “siloed” objectives that did not allow them to fully realize their impact on initiative success.


We help management at all levels ensure critical stakeholders are aligned at every step.

Build a mental model that can align everyone

Measure alignment and create targeted training


implement, and idenitfy support

Corporations depend on stakeholder alignment in every aspect of their business.

The greatest barrier to ensuring alignment is the ability to know whether or not there is actual alignment.

Imagine the collective impact on business if critical stakeholders had a common understanding.