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Common Language

Our technology measured and identified  the level of understanding based on common language. This data was used to identify critical stakeholders the leadership needed to address to help ensure greater success.

Critical Stakeholders

The school board and leader worked together to plan and manage internal and external service providers  that focused specifically on the current areas of misalignment rather than broad aspects of the entire strategy.

Meaningful Transparency

School board had the ability to monitor stakeholder alignment and understanding throughout planning and implementation to ensure leadership interventions were

efficient and effective. 

The development of a simple but meaningful mental model of the leader's strategy. This model empowers them to consistently assess and anchor everyone's understanding. 

Explicit & Efficient Structure






The organizations that believe in us

Great boards ensure their leaders are steering the ship successfully towards the vision.
Some threats are easily seen, but the most critical exist below the surface.

Imagine the collective impact on student learning if critical stakeholders had a common understanding.


We help school boards and leaders ensure critical stakeholders are aligned every step of the way.

Build a mental model that can align everyone

Measure alignment and create targeted training


implement, and idenitfy support

A closer look at the why, how, and what with a partnered school

Create a mental model of the district's strategy. Use our technology to measure and monitor relevant stakeholder understanding of the strategy throughout the planning and execution process.

Augment the boards ability to provide meaningful feedback that can help their school leaders successfully execute their strategy.




This school board recognized that their unique perspective allows them to provide objective feedback the proposed strategy. However, they also recognized their poor proximity to the day to day operations reduces their line of sight and ultimately their ability to have a pulse on the school.


Unfortunately, there is no efficient and effective way to take a pulse on stakeholder alignment.

and Strategic
Stakeholder Understanding of Strategy