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Step 2: Measure

Build a survey in our technology to measure and identify mindset misalignments based on common language. 

The development of a meaningful mindset model serves to consistently assess and anchor the critical mindset needed by end-users.

Step 1: Model

How do we help the reluctant 2/3 connect the dots? 

Use the misalignment data to create very targeted professional development focused on aligning end-user mindsets and their common language.

Our patent pending solution acts as a canary in the coal mine for your current and future implementations. Helping to avoid issues before they come up, not after all the time, effort, and money is spent.  

Step 3: Manage

Comprendio is a diagnostic tool for edtech companies and schools that know adoption hinges on mindset as much as on-boarding.
Technology impacts learning if and only if it's adopted.

Imagine the impact on student learning if an entire school had a common understanding driving adoption.


Unfortunately, the school-wide training almost never fosters enough common understanding to succeed.

I hope we don't end up like the other "65% of edtech licenses that exhibit zero to trivial use."
- Lea(R)n

Because 2 out of 3 end-users are not successfully adopting despite on-boarding efforts.

Why on-boarding is not enough?

Tech companies and school leaders looking for something to help ensure that their current solution doesn’t suffer the same fate of past initiatives.

Who needs Comprendio?

End-users shouldn't be reluctant about something that works